30 August 2009

This page removed at the request of the ABC’s legal department. Read the notice here. (2 page PDF)

To those that have e-mailed me asking why the download is broken, this is why.

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  • Garry says:

    Hi Jeremy, It’s a good thing the ABC legal Department haven’t a clue about software, source-code, etc. Thank you for making the information available for all to use. One of these days the powers that be will wake up and understand the world they live in. Anything I can do to help spread the word, let me know. Best wishes.

  • philip says:

    this is a sad day as now i cant watch the shows on my tablet unless i view through there site which uses a large chuck out my monthly download, look like i will fine something else to watch on my break

  • Keith says:

    Perhaps you should see this as an opportunity to work with the ABC to provide (a modified version of) python-iview to everyone via the ABC web site. They could advertise it as a service to linux users everywhere. At the same time you could perhaps mention the concept of html5 :-)
    And a thankyou to Garry (above) for alerting the ABC legal dept to other possibilities ; ie that their work is not yet done :-(

    • Jeremy says:

      Tried it. No avail.

      The problem is not that Python-iView unofficial. The problem is that Python-iView does things that the ABC doesn’t want it to do.

      An “official” version of Python-iView would be useless, because it would lose the very features that makes it worthwhile.

  • Ray Carbuhn says:

    Thank you from one of the non win world

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